Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Down the Rabbit Hole – Alice Inspired Raffle Baskets

The 7 raffle baskets that we gave away at the Down the Rabbit Hole event were a true labor of love. We decided to steer clear of your typical letterboxing supply themed baskets and went totally Alice in Wonderland instead. Pixie Dust Gal (Kelly) and I worked on the contents of these baskets for months and months. Kelly is amazing at gift wrapping and took on the task of making each basket a visual feast for the eyes. Gift wrapping is definitely one of Kelly’s natural gifts!

We started our collection of raffle items with Alice in Wonderland books, book markers and movies on DVD. Next we moved on to keepsake boxes, plush Cheshire cats and figurines from the Disney store. We also started to collect unique baskets and containers to either use as the actual raffle basket/container or inside the basket to feature and frame special raffle items. I found summer butterflies and topiary inspired containers at Hobby Lobby that were perfect for our Alice in Wonderland theme.

Kelly suggested the addition of handmade items to the baskets. She created one of a kind necklaces and earring sets that were all Alice in Wonderland inspired (to be featured in their own post soon). While Kelly worked on jewelry (another talent of hers) I created handmade cards for four of the baskets. We also tossed in random Alice in Wonderland inspired items like bright and crazy candy, chess pieces and tiny sticker activity books. In all each basket was bursting with wild Alice in Wonderland fun.

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