Monday, April 22, 2013

Guilty Pleasure Floating on a Cloud

When you think of hammocks on a sunny day in a back yard I am sure a man on Father's Day comes to mind immediately.  I think half of the cards in the Hallmark store feature this image on them for men.  But not for this gal.  Years ago I asked for my very own hammock for Mother's Day and was thrilled to have one waiting for me at home after brunch.  My portable hammock was made by Coleman and I enjoyed it in our back yard and even took it camping.  As busy as I am with work, home, hobbies, church commitments, pei's etc. the hammock to me is an ultimate guilty pleasure.

Fast forward to the end of last summer.  Nick my step-son was home after school and had a wild hair that he would slip out back and enjoy my hammock.  I know the temptation only too well myself.  In all the years that I had owned my hammock I had never actually seen any members of my family in it so imagine my surprise when I arrived home after work and found the material of my hammock shredded in two.  Nick laid on it and it ripped clean down the middle and dropped him to the ground right on top of the frame.  Ouch!  Fortunately he was not injured.

Anthony got on line and searched to see if we could replace the material but instead of replacement products he found an item recall for my hammock due to the exact rip that Nick experienced.  I guess I had been very fortunate to get so many years of use out of my hammock because the recall was over 6 years old.  Since the recall did not have an expiration I took a chance and followed the instructions and sent in my form and the slice of material they requested and in about 3 weeks I had a $50 Coleman gift certificate in my hands from the recall.

Sadly I searched and searched the Coleman web-site month after month this winter and they never featured hammocks again on the site which was the only place I could redeem the gift card.  I was heart broken that I could not use the gift card towards a replacement but I figured that they must have gotten out of the hammock business after the recall.

Low and behold for my Birthday in March we went out to dinner.  I was the first to arrive home as the men folk were on an important cheesecake run.  I snatched the mail out of the mailbox and was going through it on the kitchen counter.  I lifted my head to look out the back door where Raisin was sitting and there in the back yard waiting for me was a brand new hammock!  My new hammock is not portable like my old one but it is twice as wide which is great for books and magazines and it gives you plenty of room for blankets and pillows too.

Once again I am back to enjoying the totally guilty pleasure of doing absolutely nothing when the mood tickles my fancy.  Raisin, Jay and I head out back with my Kindle Fire, beverage of choice, a blanket and pillow and enjoy the fresh air while listening to the wind chimes and birds.  I will be honest that it is not quite hammock weather yet.  Most visits to my new hammock have involved sweats, socks and even my beanie.  But heck if you have a hammock you have to be willing to brave the elements.   On a couple of occasions we have conceded and been forced into the house when it has started raining or storming.  I think everyone needs a hammock and a Pei or two to guard you in case you drift off to sleep.  Of course that never happens to me.  Simply delicious!

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