Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Guilty Pleasure No Camp Fire Required

I was recently thinking of the guilty pleasures that I find myself enjoying when no one is watching. I thought I might share a few this week since I am unable to post any of the letterboxing projects that are currently under construction. Yes, all is silent on the western front. One guilty pleasure I stumbled upon in 2012 is not something I have ever been a huge fan of. Last year my sister endured a very painful gum surgery process and was on a liquid diet for weeks and weeks. As a get well gift I sent her hot chocolate mixes (her favorite warm beverage) and artisan handmade marshmallows from 240Sweet. 240Sweet had been featured in one of my magazines and I knew that my sister would really love their creations being the hot chocolate expert that she is. Her surgery was the perfect excuse to send her 240Sweets’ hand blended hot chocolate mixes and delectable marshmallows.

A few months later I received my monthly 240Sweet newsletter and they had a special featuring one of their specialty marshmallows. Although I have never been a huge marshmallow enthusiast (except over a camp fire) I decided to order myself a bag to see if they were significantly different from the bag of Jiffy marshmallows that have always accompanied our summer camping adventures.

I am here to tell you not all marshmallows are created equal. 240Sweets’ marshmallows and hot chocolate mixes are out of this world. I found myself actually finding excuses at night to curl up with a warm mug of hot cocoa and one of their amazing confections plopped into my steaming mug of comfort. All I can say is that their marshmallows are seriously addictive and insanely unique. Guilty pleasure? You bet! Bring on the marshmallows camp fire or not!

Marshmallow Nirvana Can Be Discovered Here: http://240sweet.com

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  1. ohh I wish I was your sister - but no gum operation ouch!!


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