Saturday, June 29, 2013

Another Precious Baby Bear Almost Here for aBear

Blackberry Lemonade Cupcakes


Tobi, Jedediah and Kiowa

Tobi, Jedediah and Kiowa

aBear with Baby Bear Coming in July


Okay, seriously mom are you kidding!?!? - Raisin and Jay
This morning I whipped up a batch of Blackberry Lemonade Cupcakes (Recipe from Your Cup of Cake) and took them over to visit with aBear and her baby bears this afternoon (and jBear too).  On June 1st they moved into a beautiful new home in Star, Idaho and are in the process of unpacking and setting up the house.  They have built the home on over two acres which is fantastic for the kids to have room to romp and play.  The back yard is already coming together and they have tons and tons of storage space built in.  With a new baby almost here I am not sure how Aryn has the energy to manage everything but the kids are adorable and I am thrilled for them to finally get into their new home.  I still really miss Aryn's letterboxing enthusiasm on the trail and at events but it was great to see everyone and I could not resist snapping a few shots of the kids to share.
On a side note Raisin and Jay are thinking I am "nuts" for taunting them with the squirrels on the back porch.  I call this squirrel TV.  They keep the dogs entertained for peanuts!     

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