Sunday, July 7, 2013

Anniversary Plate Fired and Ready for Pick Up

It is obvious that Anthony and I will not be leaving our day jobs to pursue a career as pottery painters any time soon.  However, it was exciting to zoom over to Ceramica this afternoon to pick up the plate we painted together on our Anniversary.  They glaze the plate and fire it for you and ta-da here is the finished product.   Anthony looked at it and said "Hum, I though it looked better the night we painted it at Ceramica."  It's funny because pottery and paint are a little deceiving before they are fired.  With the girl I painted you can see how much bolder her colors are.  I added two layers of paint.  Anthony on the other hand created the boy and he only added one layer.  Maybe it was his appetite that dictated how many layers he painted.  We were both getting pretty hungry.  The note on the plate is telling us we are stars because they added our plate to their facebook page.  Gosh it I had known that was a possibility I would have spent more time on my part of our Anniversary art project.  No matter the outcome the best gift of all was the gift of time that we shared while creating the plate together.  Now every time I look at the plate it will remind me of our fun and unique anniversary evening together.  We may rate low as pottery artists but we definitely rate high as true romantics!  

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