Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cuppy Cake LTC

This little carving and LTC were actually created prior to my hand injury in April.  The camera was out of the area thus I was only able to snap a picture of my newest LTC after it was created vs. during the process.    I wanted the LTC to have the feel of the carving being in a cup cake shop selecting her treat from the counter of sweet confections.  Naturally picking the largest and most scrumptious treat.
My right hand has been on the side lines a lot due to me tripping and landing on it in April.  I went to my follow up hand appointment on Friday and Dr. Robinson said that I was looking at another 4-5 months of healing time (very sad face).  After that bomb he highly encouraged me to get a cortisone injection between my two fingers where the torn tendon is situated.  It hurts like a son-of-a-sea biscuit right now and is swollen again but he maintains that in 3-4 days it will be feeling significantly better although he wants me to keep my fingers wrapped for another 2-3 weeks to stabilize the injury.  I am crossing my fingers (on my left hand) that this will be the fast acting solution to get my hand back in action.  You can’t keep a determined crafter and Letterboxer down for long!

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  1. The card it super cute and I hope that your hand starts felling better very soon!


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