Friday, July 26, 2013

Day One Morning Adventures in Coeru d' Alene

On our way Friday to Coeru d’Alene we stopped for breakfast at Bucers Coffee House Pub in Moscow, Idaho. It was just a little hole in the wall that we discovered while driving around but quite popular by the amount of foot traffic that was coming and going through their front door. To be honest his little coffee house is screaming for a hollowed out book letterbox. Since I didn’t have any with me to leave behind (maybe I need to start traveling with them) I will have to tuck away that knowledge for another visit. Their quiche is pretty tasty.


When we arrived in Coeru d’Alene we discovered that our room was not going to be available for quite a few hours. Anthony was willing to spend the morning and early afternoon (before his umpire commitments started) doing some letterboxing recon and planting preparation with me as I scouted out the areas I had selected to plant my boxes.

We started downtown and I just happened to pop into Fratelli Salon and Rayla a stylist who works there had a minute to pop a quick French braid into my hair. It was pretty darn warm all weekend (mid 90’s) and it was such a treat to get my hair off my face and neck for the day (in something other than a ponytail) while I was running around cemeteries and walking paths. The gals in the salon were so nice and helpful. And they do accept walk-in traffic too. I couldn’t talk Anthony into us getting pedicures together but maybe the next time we are in town I will schedule one for myself.

Speaking of my hair I have to confess right now that I am currently going through an ugly hair faze.  My hairdresser decided to stop cutting hair about 3 to 4 months ago and I have not been willing to see anyone else so it has just grown and grown to the unruly and unattractive mess that you see today.  I am torn because part of me wants to let it grow.  When it is one length (without all the layers) it is easy to deal with when I motorcycle and the helmet trashes my hair.  I get to work and pop in a ponytail or clip and I am good to go.  The other part of me looks at these awful pictures of me trying to look some what decent on a daily basis and I just gag at how unattractive my hair looks.  Oh, the torments of naturally curly hair.

Fratelli Salon:

We did one Letterbox plant on the way back to the hotel called “Cuppy Cake” at a wonderfully tiny cupcake shop called Temptations. And of course returned to the hotel with our cupcake treasures to devour late in the evening. I actually forgot to get a snap shot of the Letterbox container but it was really cute and consisted of three glass cupcakes in a holder. One cupcake for the stamp, one cupcake for the logbook and one for cupcake information cards. The top lifted off of each cupcake. I hope it does not get broken too soon.

Temptations Cupcakes:

After the plant at Temptations we drove over to the hotel so Anthony could get changed into his umpire gear and I dropped him off at the fields.

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