Thursday, July 25, 2013

Coeur d’Alene Idaho Adventures 2013

This past weekend Anthony and I traveled by car back to northern Idaho for the Little League Baseball Tournament that was being held in Hayden, Idaho. Anthony is a volunteer umpire (paid in hot dogs) and was scheduled to work the tournament.

We decided to make the drive on Thursday after work and stopped again at River Rock Café ( in Riggins, Idaho on the way to our evening hotel accommodations at the Clear Water River Casino and Lodge ( in Lewiston, Idaho (Nez Perce Indian Reservation).

We stopped at the Café last year too and although the receipt of your food is a bit slow coming out of the kitchen the service and food are both very good. We were pretty tired by the time we landed at the casino so we didn’t spend any time gaming but the room was reasonably prices, clean, quiet and smoke free.

If you are wondering about the picture of the bar of soap this was the complimentary soap offered by the hotel in our room. What a great environmental idea to cut down on the waste of soap. Although I travel with my own soap and left this unused I loved the concept of removing the middle so less unused soap ends up in the garbage at the end of each guests stay.

I decided on this trip to take a new approach to Letterboxing while traveling with the “Letterbox Cooler” as Anthony was dubbed last year. Instead of plotting a list of letterboxes I had hoped to find (on the road trip and in town) I focused exclusively on plants. Since I did not plant any during our trip in 2012 this was the perfect opportunity for me to remedy the situation and the best news of all was that I had carved stamps upon my return to Boise last year before I sprained my right hand in April. All I had to do was create some quick logbooks with my Bind-It-All, pop them into some lock & locks and I was ready to go. Why can’t planting always be this stress free? Sure, I was not going for ultra creative in my plants (although I did follow a theme based on where the boxes were planted) but sometimes a good clean plant is perfect and in this case it worked like a charm.

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