Saturday, September 21, 2013

New Signature Stamp - BVR

It was finally time to carve a new signature stamp.  I have not created one in years and have always been at a bit of a loss on what I thought mine should look like.  The trail name I have does not easily lend it's self to anything specific so this time around I am carving something simple just for me vs. trying to find an image that fits Blackvelvetrav.  BVR is an abbreviation of Black Velvet Rav.  I chewed for a while on actually changing my trail name to BVR for simplicity sake but decided to use it as a nick name since I have had the trail name from the start and it is everywhere.  Because fall and Halloween are my very favorite time of the year I took the theme as inspiration and found this fun image that lent itself perfectly to a little magic and Halloween fun without being scary or creepy.  I did not want to create an image that is dark or black but one that was not Candy Corn sweet either.  I am sure I will continue to tinker with ideas as I work towards carving future signature stamps that are more about me but am pleased at my first new image that celebrates fall and is a bit closer to who I am.

Another boxer taught me about listing my signature stamps as actual "other" boxes so Letterboxers I have exchanged with could list them as finds.  I maintain a listing of my signature stamps and photos of each too to help with identification of which is which.  The only other active signature stamps at this juncture are Raisin and Jays.  Although I know they are probably hoping to have new ones some day too.  Some of my old signature stamps were even planted by an out of state boxer.  It was nice to have them hit the wilds so they could still be found vs. sitting in my basement craft room.  Now back to the Faery carvings I have in production.

Blackvelvetrav Clan Signature Stamps:

Check this album in the Atlas Quest Gallery for help identifying images:

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