Monday, September 23, 2013

Faerie Magazine Mystery

Tonight after work I found in my mailbox issue #24 of Faerie Magazine innocently waiting for me.  After I shook off the Faery Dust I got down to business attempting to track down the Secret Faerie who sent me such a marvelous gift.  My journey of inquest has brought me full circle as none of the Fae I know would admit to giving me such a wonderful and whimsical gift.  It appears that I have found myself in my own Fairy Tale of magic, mystery and intrigue...

Their web-site boasts that Faerie Magazine taps into an ageless, timeless and free spirited outlook that inspires goodness, kindness, beauty, grace, chivalry and many other lovely things.  Faerie Magazine also managed to completely capture my attention this evening.  I curled up in one of the corners of the couch in the living room snuggled under a warm and cozy blanket with a Starbucks fat free/sugar free double the pumps vanilla/caramel latte in hand and Faerie Magazine to visually savor upon in my lap.  Definitely a perfectly magical moment in my day.  Thank you secret Faery!

Faerie Magazine:

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