Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Little Poizin and Mini Halloween Rubber Ducks


I like to have fun around Halloween giving friends and family fun little Halloween inspired gifts leading up tot he big day.  This year I purchased 2 sets of miniature Halloween rubber ducks and placed them in tiny Halloween bags filled with chocolate truffles.  Since the bags were all identical I am not sure who received which duck but there were two devil ducks in the batch of 12 ducks.  I wonder who thinks that I gave them the little red devil on purpose.

The second item I had fun with this year was wine.  I picked up this great bottle of Poizin wine for a friend and placed it in a fun Halloween gift bag.  I loved the label and the story on the back of the bottle:

As she stands in the clearing the cold wind dances through the trees, swirling her golden black gown. The full moon melts into the paleness of her skin. As she stirs the cauldron of Zinfandel she chants an other worldly incantation. From vials as old as the echoes of time she adds minute pinches of her ancestory. Her slender fingers rub together as the grains fall. Releasing their magic as they touch the fermenting must. On her face is the look of both good and evil, of love and hate, of life and sex and all that stirs you. What is this unearthly potion? It is the Poizin, the wine to fie for.

2012 Zinfandel - Bottled by Armida Windery - www.armida.com

I am probably one of the few people who loves the labels and creativity more than the wine.  Although this bottle did not come in a coffin I have seen their Poizin bottle of wine packaged in a little wooden coffin before.  I may hold out for that next year.  It would be fun to decorate the outside in a cute not creepy way.  Then again I guess coffins are meant to be creepy and not cute.

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