Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Little Sunday Morning Planting and Hiking

Hiking the Oregon Trail with Raisin and Jay

Letterboxing at Discovery Park

Raisin and Jay are actually pretty low energy dogs around the house but they are great trail dogs when I take them hiking.  I really enjoy trails I can let them off leash on because they are really good at just following me wherever I go.  They do lag a bit when they find something worth smelling but always catch right up with me.  Today I took them to the Oregon Trail on our way to Lucky Peak.  Sometimes when I am Letterboxing it helps to tire them out a little before we actually box.  It was beautiful and sunny out on the trail but quite windy.  The trail we were on is mostly dirt but we weaved up and down the paths and you do encounter some rocks when hiking up and down the hills.

When we made it over to Discovery Park (below Sandy Point/Lucky Peak Dam) I was amazed to see the volume of water they are releasing from the dam.  The water level was really low during our event on the 5th of October and still appears to be but the water is really blasting out from the dam.  With the wind this morning you could stand on the bank and get sprayed by the mist.

We were back at Discovery Park to find FrogiNater's box that she planted during our event and also to plant a box Baquash sent me since she was unable to attend the event as originally planned.  It was still very windy at the park but it was nice just to walk around and enjoy the park without the pressure of planting 80+ boxes.  We strolled around taking our time to find the newly planted box and then headed over where I wanted to plant the box.  It was great to know exactly where we had hidden all the boxes before because I didn't need to scrounge around for rocks or hiding materials because they were still all there from the event. 

Back at home today I am still working on preparing Faery stamps for their flight out of Boise.  I have already been to the Post Office twice.  Tomorrow I will be dropping off 6 additional packages at the Post Office and I am anticipating at least two or three more visits.  When the last Faery leaves I will be thrilled as our house is still event central even several weeks after the event.  And my craft room is in complete disarray.  I am still not quite up to crafting again but I am getting there.  The dining room table is covered again with Faeries but they are at least in the stages of being distributed to new homes and events.        

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