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Illinois and Wisconsin Adventures Day 2

Art Near the Kenosha North Pier lighthouse

Kenosha North Pier lighthouse (1906)

Kenosha Light - also called Southport Light (1866)

Wind Point Lighthouse in Racine (1880)

Relaxing in the Sunshine by Lake Michigan

Time to Get My Feet Wet
Gotta Love Those Halloween Socks
Klutz Kelly Strikes Again!

Wind Point Lighthouse in Racine (1880)

Milwaukee Art Museum

Tattoo: Flash Art of Amund Dietzel

Amund Dietzel

Checking Out the View from the Art Museum
Little Red Riding Hood Bracelet from the Milwaukee Art Museum Gift Shop
Hotcakes Design Caramia Visick
Look!  It's a sculpture of Cousin It from the Adams Family!
Now that's Art!

Lots of Fancy Food Trucks in Milwaukee

Lunch at Millioke - Meat - Cheese - Beer
Loved the Artisanal Cheeses!
Meat and Cheese at lunch - Yum!

The Navy Meet and Greet Event for Graduating Sailors Families

Ready to Roll with my Dally Division 386 Ribbon

Day two during our trip was jam packed and leisurely at the same time.  We had the entire day to explore and decided (instead of tempting fate to head to Chicago again) we would go the opposite direction and look for light houses in and around the Wisconsin Harbor Towns. 

Kenosha was our first stop and we were able to see the Kenosha North Pier lighthouse at a distance.  I believe this lighthouse was built in 1906.  Some of the light houses you can walk out to but in the interest of time we decided not to make the long walk over if it was going to take quite a bit of time.  There was a lot of art work in the park near this lighthouse which we understand changes from time to time.  Most of the featured art work was very modern.

The next lighthouse we visited was the Kenosha Light (also called Southport Light) house built in 1866.  Since we were visiting on a week day most of the tours of the light stations and small museums were closed but we did have the lighthouses all to ourselves.  We were often the only ones visiting the lighthouses which was kind of neat.  We also discovered that we could not locate some of the light houses on our list.  After talking to locals we learned that some had been torn down because there were no funds available to restore them and some we just could not find due to other events happening in the area with streets being blocked off (like a 5k race).

Our third stop was in Racine at the Wind Point Lighthouse (1880).  This was a lovely lighthouse right near the water and I could not resist getting my feet wet and walking barefoot along the shore of Lake Michigan.  Forgetting that I am Klutz Kelly I thought climbing on the very slipper moss covered rocks would not be an issue until I slipped and banged up my left hand and right leg.  Oh my goodness it was painful.  More from the impact than the actual cuts.  Since I did about 90% of the driving and Anthony did the navigating during our stay I made a stop at a Walgreens for Band-Aids and ointment for my throbbing hand and leg.

We headed to the Milwaukee Art Museum after our mini lighthouse tour.  We were feeling a little pressed for time but made it a point to visit the Tattoo: Flash Art of Amund Dietzel display that was there through October 13th.  Amund Dietzel was one of the earliest tattoo masters who came to Milwaukee exactly one hundred years ago in 1913.  Both Anthony and I really loved the display of his work.  Part of our time crunch we discovered was due to Anthony's phone being set to Boise time instead of Wisconsin time so we really raced through the museum thinking it was an hour later than it was.

Back on the streets of Milwaukee we stumbled upon a great restaurant that is part of the Marriott hotel called Millioke.  They feature meat, cheese and beer.  We knew we were in the right place.  We ordered a tasty board of Artisanal cheeses and cured smoked meats.  Everything was delicious.  We especially enjoyed the Le Cabrie - soft ripened goat brie from Belmont, WI, Laclare Farm Ziege Zacke Blue - cow and goat milk with a wave of blue mold from Chilton, WI and theUsinger's Fresh Bratwurst from Milwaukee, WI.

After lunch and resetting Anthony's phone to the correct time we walked back to the museum to visit the gift shop.  We actually did a little Christmas shopping and Anthony also got me this fantastic vintage inspired Little Red Riding Hood bracelet.  The bracelet is made by Hotcakes Design Caramia Visick from Oakland, California.  Although big and chunky I absolutely love it and wear it all the time.

Our evening commitment was a Meet and Greet for families of soon to be Navy graduates.  Nick's division (386) had 82 graduates.  In total there were approximately 12 divisions and about a thousand total graduates.  The Meet and Greet was to meet other family members from your child's division and hear more about processes and procedures of graduation on the Navy base.  All and all I think we determined that the Meet and Greet was not really necessary to attend but Anthony did win a great Navy baseball hat from the raffle drawing.     

Milwaukee Art Museum -

Millioke Restaurant -

Hotcakes Design -

Amund Dietzel -

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