Sunday, October 20, 2013

Magical Faery Gardens in the Whispering Woods

One of the very special and magical aspects of the Whispering Woods was brining to life Faery Gardens for the children to enjoy.  Each Faery garden was unique in it's decorations and theme.  We were strategic with a couple of their elements too.  First we decided that they all must be located near the Twilight Kingdom (the shelter we rented) because we could keep a close eye on them so that they were not disturbed by muggles.  Secondly because Idaho weather is wildly unpredictable we decided that they needed to be self contained and portable.  Should rain have threatened the event we would have been able to move them into the shelter very quickly without any damage.  And lastly we assigned a box to each Faery garden so that they also served as visual clues in the Twilight Kingdom. 

Kelly (Pixie Dust Gal) and I shopped together for Faery related furniture and unique accessories but really all of the magic was from Kelly's amazing creativity.  Each day she walked her dog she would pick up bits and pieces of nature to add to her creations.  The day of the event was my first viewing of the completed Faery Gardens (with the exception of a few texted picture teasers) and I was stunned at the beautiful masterpieces that she created.  In all there were 6 Faery Gardens to discover.  The Redneck Garden, Flower Garden, Acorn Garden, Pine Forest Garden, Mushroom Garden and Dark Faery Garden.   


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  1. For the children to enjoy? They were absolutely marvelous!


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