Monday, October 21, 2013

Magical Gateways in the Whispering Woods Event Pictures

Magical Gateways in the Whispering Woods…

We bid you welcome to the Magical Gateways in the Whispering Woods.  There are three Faerie lands that you will be visiting today.  Gossamer Glen, Woodland Grove and the Kingdom of Twilight. 
Each magical gateway is protected by a Faery Queen.  Your first quest is to locate and visually identify the Faery guardian that you are in the presence of.  You will identify each Faery by the color of their wings.  Faeries are skittish by nature around humans so be sure you address them accordingly or they may take to the skies in flight.
Gossamer Glen is protected by the purple and green winged Gossamer Faery Queen.  Woodland Grove is guarded by the Woodland Faery Queen who flutters the forest by her water colored wings.  And the Kingdom of Twilight is secured by the ebony winged Twilight Faery Queen.
Identify each Faery Queen with their proper name to receive a verbal quest, along with a map that will allow you to enter their magical gateway. Once the verbal quest is completed, return to the Faery Queen to retrieve your magical gift.
The Faery Queens request the presence of your company at 1:30 p.m. to capture the moment in prosperity (group photo), to gather magical energy (dine), and for testing your daily good fortune with a complimentary raffle drawing.

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  1. Now, I'm really sorry I missed this. I didn't have information for Mocking Jay, and not much info on this one, but both years the weather was perfect. I hope it is as much fun in December. Love Your Blog.


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