Monday, October 21, 2013

Faery Shimmering Glitter Body Art Tattoos

While the adult Faery Letterboxers were neck deep in clues to solve and boxes to find Kelly (Pixie Dust Gal) came up with the brilliant idea of offering shimmering glitter body art tattoo's to the smallest Faeries attending the event.  Kelly discovered a kit that was easy to use and it was a huge success with the kids who were definitely ready to switch gears once lunch had ended and raffle prizes had been drawn for.  The kids were so patient and sweet each waiting their turn to select a design or two and then to have the tattoo applied.  I have never seen this type of kit before but it was so much easier to do than face painting and the tattoos really stayed in place once they dried.  The stencils were reusable and I think Kelly paid under $15 for the kit.  This is a great item to remember for Letterboxing events, kids parties and just about any occasion that has children who may need to be entertained quietly when other activities have ended. 


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