Tuesday, October 1, 2013

You know You are Hosting a Letterboxing Event When…

…Every flat surface in your house is covered with containers, carvings and crafting supplies.

…You have not seen your dining room table in 3 months’ time and your family is stuck balancing dinner plates on their laps in the living room.

...You find yourself driving around town with several suspicious piles of rocks (SPR’s) in the back seat of your car.

…You are forced to move drift wood around in your trunk to make room for groceries.

…You decide that everyone must start referring to you by your Faery name vs. your first name or even your trail name.

…Every decorative household container, basket, birdhouse etc. you have suddenly becomes a Hidden in Plain Sight (HIPS) vessel.

…All of your good Tupperware starts disappearing from the drawer and is sacrificed to become Letterboxing containers.

…Laundry baskets start filling up with decorations, paper goods, props, Letterboxes and just about anything event related until there are none left for actual laundry.

…Your dog’s start refusing to go to the park because they know all it means is more waiting around while you plant more boxes.

…The ink in your printer constantly runs dry because you are printing and re-printing clue sheets.

…Your living room is infested with giant mushrooms, gargantuan bird houses, faery wings and a host of strange and interesting creatures.

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