Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Published Art Oct/Nov/Dec 2013 Stampers' Sampler

Just prior to our Faery event I found the Oct/Nov/Dec 2013 Issue of The Stampers' Sampler in my mailbox.  I was pretty excited to receive it and discovered that I have quite a few cards featured in this issue.  The images above are a sampling of a few of the cards that were selected.  Card submissions are very time consuming and with the volume of submissions any of the national magazines receive it is always a humbling honor to have your art work considered for publication.  Card submissions require not only your creativity but also a detailed account of how the card was assembled and all of the products used for the project.  It's not enough just to list rubber stamps as an item used but you must list which company they came from, which line of papers you are using, who made your embellishments etc.  I would submit cards and mixed media art more often if it was not for the amount of detail that I must include when I send in submissions.

When I flipped through and found 4 of my cards on pages 38 and 39 I was thrilled and actually set the magazine aside to look at the next day.  I sat back down to digest the entire issue after work and I was shocked to find a large quantity of my cards contained on many of the pages beyond the four original cards I discovered.

Stampington and Company has a wide variety of delicious magazines for any type of crafting appetite from Somerset Home, Someset Apprentice, Take Ten, The Stampers Sampler, Mingle, Green Crafts and Altered Couture just to name a few.  In all they have over 20 Magazine Publications.

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