Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Brave Noxer Sister Michelle Joins Us in the Whispering Woods

It was wonderful to have my sister, Michelle, join us on October 5th for our Magical Gateways event. When she asked me about coming for a visit and said she was willing to help with the event I jumped at her offer (who wouldn't?). Although Michelle does not Letterbox (unless we are together and I am dragging her around) she was an amazing help in the Whispering Woods. Kelly and I put Michelle to work checking our clues from our first planting expedition the weekend before the event and then she helped us plant another huge quantity of boxes. All and all I do not think she had much down time while here in Boise but it was fantastic to have her here to visit and also to see how absolutely insane I really am. If your own sister can't appreciate your insanity than no one else will be able to either. The pictures above are of the three of us out on the trail with the Pei's of Adventure (Raisin and Jay) planting our little hearts out. Michelle was also a gigantic help with putting together the clue sheets, setting up the actual event, running errands and pulling boxes after the dust had settled. Michelle really earned her Faery wings!

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