Sunday, October 20, 2013

Quick Second Visit of Magical Faery Rock Quest

This is a quick second visit of the wonderful rocks that Kelly (Pixie Dust Gal) created for our Faery themed event.  Each attendee received their own individual quest in the form of the parchment which outlined the patterned rock that they would need to find and return to her so they could select their own handmade Faery Wand.  Kelly created a unique pattern on over 40 rocks with matching clue and then sent everyone on a scavenger hunt to locate their own special stone.  In addition to their wand they were also allowed to keep their magical rock.

The wording on the quest reads as follows:

Find your own magical rock with this exact design on it.

Design hand drawn in this space.

Bring it to the Woodland Faery and she will present to you a special gift. created by Woodland Fae.

Wording included with each wand:

This wand was created especially for you!  It contains great magic, as it was made from a branch of the oldest enchanted tree in our forest and the Fae used their most prized possessions to decorate it.  Please treat this wand with care and handle it only when you are in need of its special magic.  Now that you have selected this one-of-a-kind wand, it is yours forever.  Be sure to name it and keep it in a safe place away from Muggles!

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