Monday, October 7, 2013

Quest Number Three Faery Dust

The third special quest at the Magical Gateways in the Whispering Woods event involved Letterboxers hunting for tiny mushroom Faery rings in the Twilight Kingdom.  Once the Faery ring was discovered they were instructed to pluck and return a mushroom from the ring to the Gossamer Faery (my sister Michelle) who would exchange the mushroom for a tiny bottle of Faery Dust.  Michelle created the miniature treasures and the little wish note that was attached to each.

I created the actual mushrooms from wooden door handles that I purchased from Lowes.  I hand painted approximately 90 mushrooms to create three different rings.  The spots on each were random and the mushrooms could have easily been used for clues in a variety of different ways.  After the mushrooms were painted I sprayed them with several coats of sealant to protect them from the elements (in case of rain) and then added metal sticks to the bases so they could be pushed into the earth and would remain standing vs. falling over in the grass.

As the Twilight Kingdom was where I had rented the shelter for the day we kept all props, special quest items, faery houses etc. to ensure that our very special Fae items were not taken my muggles.  We actually had three different lands separated for the event.  The two additional lands were the Gossamer Glen and the Woodland Grove.  Each land was represented by a Faery Queen and we were spread out at the beginning of the event in our respective lands until all participants had registered and visited each of us for their special quests and clue sheets.  We then all joined the fun in the Twilight Kingdome.

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