Saturday, November 16, 2013

Holiday Picture Time at A-Bears

Kiowa (3 1/2 years old)

Jedidiah (2 years old)

Kensington (Newest Blessing to Arrive)

Tobi (5 Years Old)

Aryn & Kensington

Today was picture time at the Davis household.  Aryn (A-Bear) has been my letterboxing mentor since I first hit the trail looking for my first box a life time ago.  Even though she is off the trail these days I still fill her in on our activities and events. 

We were very lucky that the rain cleared long enough to snap some quick family shots outside this morning.  We mostly focused on group pictures of the whole family but I could not resist nabbing a few of each of the kids individually because they are too stinkin' cute!  I think after looking at them again this evening I was able to capture more natural smiles and emotions from the kids individually than when we were snapping group pictures.  The kids are at that age that they force their smiles when asked to smile for the camera.  After Thanksgiving I am going to go back over to do cookie decorating with the kids.  That will be a good opportunity to snap more natural smiles while their hands are busy.  If nothing else it will be messy yummy fun!

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