Saturday, November 23, 2013

75th Annual Hunger Games (The Quarter Quell)

Preparing for the Games After Receiving our Official Capitol ID Badges

Kelly from District 10 (Livestock)

Alex From District 12 (Mining)

Feasting at the Kona Grill Before Entering the Arena
Thomas in the Middle From District 1 (Luxury)

Joined by Kelly from District 4 (Fishing) at the Feast

Citizens Enjoying Their Last Meal

Preparing to Enter The Arena

Wait a Minute Can We Take Munchies Into the Arena?
Maybe Some Beef Jerky ( from District 10) and Smoked Trout (from District 4)

Just Before the Games Started

Eagerly Awaiting for the Games to Start

Hay Look at the Beautiful Christmas Tree We Didn't
Even Notice on Our Way into the Arena

Thursday evening marked the 75th Annual Hunger Games (The Quarter Quell).  As citizens of Panem we prepared by acquiring our official Capitol Identification Badges for entry into the games.

As tributes we were overwhelmed by the delicious feast prepared for our last meal at the Kona Grille and the wonderful service too prior to entering the arena for the official start of the games.

We were so relieved once we entered the arena to find our reserved seats waiting for us and that we were allowed to bring in snacks and refreshments.  As you know once you enter the arena you never know where your next meal or hydration source will come from.

Fortunately we all made it out of the arena unscathed.  And behold there was a enormous Christmas tree lighting the way to safety. 

Kelly District 4 (Fishing)
Thomas District 1 (Luxury)

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