Monday, January 13, 2014

King LTC Under Construction

Aiphid is hosting a Stephen King LTC tracker that will be starting next week.  I tend to be a cute or creep-cute Letterbox creator and carver so carving just plain old creepy is unusual for me.  I have never actually read a single Stephen King book but Anthony has read plenty.  Note to self for future trackers of a series to be sure to pick a movie or book image as soon as I join the tracker.  Unfortunately, I signed up and then totally stalled so all the good images associated with his books were taken by the time I got around to picking one.  If I had been faster I could have had Cujo (a vicious dog) to carve. Since I do not really know any of his books I picked The Mist.

A quick summary of the book:  The morning after a violent thunderstorm, a thick unnatural mist quickly spreads across the small town of Bridgton, Maine, reducing visibility to near-zero and concealing numerous species of bizarre creatures which viciously attack anyone and anything that ventures out into the open.

I wanted the carving and the cards to be subtle and dark because real mist is thick and ominous in nature.  When you are in heavy mist colors are muted and you are not always sure about what you are seeing until you are right on top of it.  I selected grey card stock as my base as I knew it would mute the colors of my Copic Markers.  I also distressed the edges to represent the darkness all around the victim.  I have added Glossy Accents to the bizarre creature so that it appears slimy.  Once the cards dry I will probably add drops of blood to appear to as if the blood is splattering as the unfortunate victim is being squeezed to death and eaten via the suction cups on the tentacles.  I guess I can embrace horror after all. I like the fact that the horror of this card is not in your face but is still there without being gory. 

I was foolish last week and decided to shovel snow out back on the day that we received quite a few inches of snow here in town.  The snow was really wet and heavy.  I was not even thinking and my right hand really hurt by the time I was finished.  I am afraid it has been hurting again since my shoveling so I am on the Advil train once more hoping that the inflammation will go down on it's own soon.  I was doing so well with the cortisone shot I received that I honestly forgot that I could injure it again so easily. 


  1. Wow, that's looking really cool!

    1. The stamp and extra LTC's will be coming too you too. I hope to make it to the post office tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest. I usually give away the LTC's as First Finder Gifts. It's up to you to use them as you like. They are very close to being done tonight. Sorry I am running a bit behind. Time really caught up with me.


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