Sunday, January 19, 2014

Military Reserve Quick Morning Hike

This morning we opted for a short local hike vs. one out of town.  I do have letterboxes on this trail but didn't want to have Anthony stuck checking on them with me. If it had only been the dogs and I we would have taken more time. 

With Boise's crazy winter weather you have to get on the trail before it warms up so the trails are not muddy.  Although you risk icy trails, cold temperatures and the inversion/fog in full force.  We made it to the off leash dog park (Military Reserve) before most hikers around 9 a.m. and hiked the large loop.  This was a mini warm up for Anthony (he is an amazing hiker at this point) but he was a good sport since I did not want to spend 3 1/2 to 4 hours in the car today.

I think we were only out for an hour this morning.  I am not sure how far the loop is but the dogs loved it and it was nice to have time today to work on other projects too.  After our hike we drove over to Berryhill Bacon for breakfast.  The bacon was fantastic this morning after my epic bacon failure yesterday.

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