Friday, February 21, 2014

Letterboxing Today a Bust - Enjoyed Wilderness Trails

Some days on the Letterboxing trail turn out to be a bust.  Today was that day.  I really am not overly bothered if I cannot locate a plant although I do get frustrated if it is my error that causes the lack of the find.  The first box today may have been operator error on my part but the second box I believe to be missing in action.  I drove to Geneva, Florida (about 40 minutes from Janet’s) to look for two Letterboxes.  The first was planted at the Geneva, Florida Cemetery (established in 1880).  I got as far as the shed clue and then sort of lost my way with the compass reading.  I think my compass is working okay but I just could not get things to match up correctly.  I finally gave up on the compass readings and just attempted to find the bench and bush.  Long story short I did not find the box but I did enjoy the historic headstones and peace and quiet of the location.  I am thinking this may have been an error on my part because this box was found 30 days ago.  In my mind it should still be there.

I searched on my maps program and there were only three restaurant recommendation in a 10 mile radius that came up for a quick bite to eat.   Subway, McDonalds and the Jolly Gator.  I figured when in Rome you need to eat with the locals.  The greasy spoon menu was filled with many eatery oddities like frog legs, gator burgers, catfish nuggets and fried dill pickles.  I quickly found what I felt was the safest food choice and ordered Chicken Strips.  I actually may be regretting that decision a little later today.  My Chicken Strips were very greasy, buried in tons and tons of batter and were slathered in buffalo sauce.  Gulp!  Oh, man all of a sudden Subway Sandwiches seemed like a better option.  Time to start carrying Tums in my Letterboxing backpack.

After my post gut-rot meal I drove down the road to the Lake Proctor Wilderness Area to attempt to locate the Thinking of Home Letterbox.  Since this box was last found in 2010 I knew the chances of it still being active might be a tad slim.  I certainly wish that Raisin and Jay had been with me as the trails were deserted and with the overcast skies it was perfect out.  I decided to go the long way around on the indicated trail from the parking lot (working the clues backwards) so I could enjoy more of the area and a longer stroll.  The trails take you through pine flatwoods, sand hills, oak hammocks and offer scenic views of Lake Proctor.  Once I reached the main clue I worked backwards from the direction I had come and attempted the clues in the proper order.  I think I found the stump but it was so deteriorated that even with rooting around with my gloves on I believe the box is missing.  Still the trails were wonderful and the lack of the box did not dampen my spirits in the least.  Fortunately with rain showers and thunderstorms in the forecast I made my way back to the car just in time to miss getting wet by about 3 minutes time.  I am not sure what we will be doing for the remainder of the day but I think Anthony is finally wrapping up the home improvements for Janet.  Tomorrow we will be heading to Pensacola, Florida to see Nick.         

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  1. Great pictures! I hate box bust days! We have had so much snow that we haven't been boxing much since last year *sigh*


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