Thursday, February 20, 2014

Letterbox Found Without Psychic Reading in Cassadaga

In Cassadaga Spirituality is in the Air (and Everywhere)

The Purple Rose Trading Company
Native American and Metaphysical Stuff Store

I Could Not Resist- New Chakra Necklace from
The Purple Rose Trading Company


They Also Offer Ghost Hunting Tools

This About Sums it Up

The Cassadaga Hotel and Spiritual Retreat
Built in 1927
They Boast that the Hotel is Haunted
I Have Not Slept Well Since We Arrived in Florida -
Maybe I Need to Go Back and Visit The Crystal Healing Bed
(Only $75 for 45 Minutes)

The Lovely Sinatra's Ristorante in the Cassadaga Hotel
Enjoying an Early Lunch

Cranes Waiting to Greet Me at Colby-Alderman Park

Cassadega Crane Letterbox Found!

Oranges at the Park - My First Picked Orange

Tiny But Sweet and Juicy
Today I set my sights on a quick Letterboxing adventure in Cassadega, Florida (about 10 miles from Janet's house).  This afternoon Anthony's Uncle and Aunt were coming for a visit at 2:30 p.m.  I have been struggling with very poor sleep since we arrived and last night was the worst night's sleep since our arrival on Sunday.  The lack of sleep really made it difficult for me to get motivated and out the door this morning thus I only had time for one Letterbox Find - The Cassadega Crane.
I noticed very quickly upon entering Cassadega that this town is not your ordinary backwoods small Florida town.  The town is built on a rich history of spirituality from the late 1800's.  Many houses, small businesses and the hotel offer spiritual retreats, psychic readings, past life regressions, healing sessions, grief counseling sessions etc.  They also boast that the hotel is haunted and encourage you to bring your camera to capture pictures of orbs and spirits.
I enjoyed wandering through the little shops, book store and gift shop in the hotel.  I even picked up a Chakra Necklace at The Purple Rose Trading Company Shop.  I was tempted to have my aura read but after a man came out sobbing from his session I decided that an aura reading was not in the cards for me.
Since I only made breakfast for Anthony I decided to have lunch at the Italian Restaurant Sinatra's in the Cassadaga Hotel.  The restaurant was quite lovely, service very good and my Chicken Parmesan was cooked perfectly.  Just like the empty movie theater on Tuesday and almost deserted zoo on Wednesday I had the restaurant completely to myself.  Although I was there just before noon I was the only diner for the entire meal.  The solitude was really refreshing after a poor nights sleep and the server sent me out the door with my doggie bag and a fresh iced tea in a to-go cup.
I followed the Letterboxing clues down the hill to the very quiet Colby-Alderman Park.  This park is well maintained and to greet me near the trail head were two absolutely beautiful cranes (how fitting is that for a Letterbox named Cassadega Crane).  I did not even zoom in to take their picture.  They were that close to me as I snapped the shutter.  I left them undisturbed and followed the clues to the box.  The stroll along the path to the Letterbox was filled with educational signs and markers outlining the history of Cassadega, lush foliage surrounded my walk and orange trees were discovered in more than one location along the path.  I found the box as outlined, stamped in and noted their Historic Walking Tour recommendation for Lake Helen.  I was even allowed to take a post card with me (a wonderful memento).  All contents in the box are dry but I did note that the box is cracked and am not traveling with any supplies at this time so I will notify the planter.  I could not recommend this box highly enough as the town was charming, food delicious and the stroll to the box was absolutely serene and beautiful.  On the way back to the car I found an orange I could reach and had to pick it.  I have never picked an orange from a tree before and although it was tiny by grocery store standards it was sweet and juicy.  What a wonderful afternoon treat.  It is the tiny moments in life that I really savor. 

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