Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Searching for Letterbox Found Zoo Instead




Indian Rhinoceros


(I could not resist he is so cute)

Porcupine Planter
(These would be so cool in our yard at home)

Nature Walk Art Exhibit

Nature Walk Art Exhibit

Me at the Central Florida Zoo

Black Caiman
Check Out Those Teeth!

Entrance to the Zoo
Today while Anthony started his painting projects I mapped out a few local letterboxes to search for.  I was so fortunate last time I boxed in the area to have a local boxer to spend the day with.  Since I was not sure if I would have boxing time I did not ask anyone to try to hook up with me.  This has probably been a good plan as our daily and weekly schedules have changed hourly based on how long the home improvements are taking.  So far one or both of us have been to Lowe's or Home Depot at least two to three times a day.  And each project spurs other projects and always takes longer than anticipated. 
The first Letterbox I was hoping to locate was in Sanford, Florida about 10 miles from Janet's house.  The box is at the Seminole County Library.  I was unsuccessful in finding the box as there was a man sitting in a chair right where I needed to search with his nose in a novel.  Not just a magazine but a huge book.  I attempted to wait him out to see if he would move but two magazines and 35 minutes later I had to throw in the towel.  I think he was there for the duration.  UGH!   
The good news is that I spied the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Garden (opened in 1975) on my way to the Library.  I just could not resist driving by again and decided to spend the afternoon touring the zoo.  I must be having perfect luck in timing because the zoo was quite deserted and almost every animal was out to be seen.  I never had anyone looking at an exhibit while I was and it was so peaceful and relaxing.  I took my time strolling from exhibit to exhibit and really enjoyed the time.  I know zoo's are favorites with kids but I didn't mind the lack of screaming and crying children underfoot and exasperated parents in tow.    
The zoo is all a flutter because they just had two giraffe's arrive this week.  I am not sure what the giraffe's think with the cheetahs next door eyeballing them as if they are giant jerky strips with spots.  The cheetahs were pacing and pacing next to the Giraffe's fence hoping their chance would come.  Won't they be disappointed when they realize they are out of luck.
On my way back I stopped to pick up pizza at Angelina's for dinner since Anthony didn't want to take the time to eat out and Janet went from her shuffle board tournament to bingo tonight and would not be eating with us.  We ate there the other night and although the ambiance is nothing special the food, service and friendliness of the restaurant staff are excellent.  I wish they were located in Boise because we would easily become regulars.  Just like the other night the tiny restaurant was completely packed.  It is definitely a local favorite. 
Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens:       
3755 NW Hwy 17-92, Sanford, FL
Angelina's Pizzeria Ristorante:
2687 South Woodland Boulevard, DeLand, FL
Bald Eagle

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