Sunday, February 16, 2014

Travel Day to Florida

My giant new backpack or is it an umpire vest?
Look who said he was not going to sleep on the plane.

Hay...what is this on our bed?
Look at these amazing Valentine orchids!

It has been such a long day.  We have been up since 4:30 a.m. Boise time.  Anthony and I flew out of Boise, Idaho at 8:00 a.m. and did not arrive in Orlando, Florida until after 5:00 p.m.  We were on three flights to get to Florida and had no time to eat along the way.  They offer no food on the planes and the only thing I had packed (thank goodness) were two snack bags of mixed raw nuts, dried fruits, chocolate chips and beef jerky.  By the time we arrived in Florida we had to wait in a huge line at Dollar Rental Car.  With the extra taxes we were surprised (shocked) at the total cost of the rental car but it's worth a bit extra to have the flexibility the rental car will allow us to have.
I used my new giant backpack for the trip.  I needed a backpack that would accommodate my 17 inch laptop (so I can work while on vacation).  Anthony laughed the minute he first saw it and said it looked like an umpire vest.  He said all I needed next was a face mask and shin guards.  I will admit is it huge but it kept all my electronics safe and sound on the trip as it is theft proof as you can only access the contents from the inside (next to my back).  Thieves are unable to unzip the backpack from the outside thus everything inside stays secure.  Although theft was not a huge concern it never hurts to feel more comfortable about your electronics when you travel.
We made it to Janet's house after 7:00 p.m. and as we carried in the luggage I found this large Pro Flowers box waiting on the bed in our room with my name on it.  That stinker!  Anthony and I agreed to not give cards or gifts this year (due to our trip to Florida) and I specifically asked him not to send flowers to my office because I would not be able to enjoy them since we were leaving.  He got around our deal (we even shook on it) and ignored our agreement and sent me orchids (secretly I was thrilled).  Growing up in Hawaii I have always loved orchids more than any other flower.  They were a huge highlight for me after a very long day of travel.
We took Janet out to dinner at Applebees.  I think I was dehydrated because I downed two very large glasses of Mango iced tea in record time.  Both Anthony and I arrived in Florida with headaches and I am just sure the lack of water and the dry environment on the planes really contributed to our dehydration.  Now it's about time to slip into my jammies and watch some Olympic ice dancers on TV.  I am not sure what tomorrow will bring but am so thankful it will not involve any airplanes.

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