Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Carving a Little of This and That

The freedom I have this year (due to not planning any events) has really been great.  I have been able to carve stamps for LTC exchanges, requests I have received and just based on my own whims.  Above are a three stamps I have carved recently.  The frog on top is headed to Sacramento, California for an outdoor event that has a pond (along with another frog I am carving) and the Faery who arrived late for our event last October (maybe she should have flown).  And last but not least the little monsters on the bench are in honor of Kelly (Pixie Dust Gal and I) and all the planning we did the past two years for the events we hosted.  Kelly is the smiling monster with the bag of goodies and I am the one with the smoothie.  All the images I have selected recently are completely different and in most cases are unrelated to one and other.  Some simple, some detailed, large stamps, small stamps etc.  It's wonderful to have more than one theme on my mind.  Although now Kelly and I have to made it  a point to plan getting together since we are not meeting regularly due to event needs. 
On a frustrating note.  I did have to go back to the hand doctor for another cortisone shot last Thursday.  I made the very bad decision to shovel some snow so I would have a path to the birdfeeder and squirrel feeder's in the back yard and completely aggravated my right hand again.  The day after shoveling I was in extreme pain.  What was I thinking?  Here I am almost three months later with constant pain in my right hand and a visit back to Dr. Robinson.  Now I have hand therapy twice a week but the shot has stopped the ache and pain I was having every day and I will be very careful this time around when it comes to heavy duty hand use.  I think the last shot was so effective that I was not thinking that there was still inflammation to be concerned about.  Boy was I wrong.  On the up side I did not let the pain stop me from carving this time around and I am on the side lines for any yard work this spring and summer.  Crossing my fingers that I can get this resolved this time around.  The shot was extremely painful and my hand flared up (a common reaction) for about 3 days but now the pain is almost gone and the bruising is slowly fading.  Why could this not have been my left hand instead?

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