Sunday, March 2, 2014

Rest Stop Letterboxing - Pensacola Visit With Nick

A Statue for Every Occasion

Stopped to Pick Up Whoopie Pies

Nick & Anthony

Dinner at The Fish House in Pensacola

Kelly, Nick & Janet at The Fish House

Anthony, Kelly, Janet & Nick at The Fish House

Key Lime Pie

Anthony & Nick

Rest Stop Letterboxing
On Friday we made the drive from Orange City to Pensacola (400+ Miles) to spend a few days with Nick as he was graduating from "A" School.  It was a very long day in the car.  We broke up the time just a bit with a stop for Whoopie Pies at Sweet Jane's and I pulled up Box Radar at one of the rest stops and discovered a box was hidden there.  After a very quick potty break I had my Letterboxing bag in hand and was bolting down the trail past the rest stop picnic tables to find my treasure before I found myself left behind.  Fortunately it was a fast find and amazing carving.  Just the distraction I needed from the long drive.  Thank you Box Radar (Android Application for Letterboxers on the go)!
In Pensacola we stayed at a base down the street from where Nick was stationed (on a different base) at the Gateway Inn.  Nick had to check us into the hotel (since it is a military hotel).  The rooms were very nice and amazingly affordable.  Nick gave us a tour of the base that he has been stationed at and then we drove to The Fish House for dinner.  Nick had eaten there and said the setting and food were both wonderful. 
Who can pass up on Key Lime Pie for dessert when you are in Florida?  Not me.  It was tangy and heavenly just like Key Lime Pie should be.  We did call it an early evening since we were so tired from the drive but really enjoyed the visit with Nick and seeing first hand where he has been stationed since Basic Training graduation.
Sweet Jane's Whoopie Pies:

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