Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hamlet LTC Full of Secrets

Testing Different Embossing Powders

Not Crazy About Both the Skull and Words
Decide to Remove the Words on the LTC

Selecting Background Image 
I Prefer the Brown Ink to the Black

Needed to Trim the Background Image and
Position Stamping so the Faces Show Above the Skull

Completed LTC

Completed LTC and Carving

On February 10th I posted briefly regarding my completion of the Hamlet carving for Inkwell and Kizmet for their event in August.  Since I completed the caring ahead of schedule I took the time to make some Letterbox Trading Cards (LTC’s) this afternoon before mailing the stamp for the event.

I thought I would share a little behind the scenes on my though process as I created these cards.  The Shakespeare play “Hamlet” portrays both true and feigned madness—from overwhelming grief to seething rage—and explores themes of treachery, revenge, incest, and corruption.  I wanted the cards to have this sense of secrets being shared behind the scenes but I didn’t want the secrets to overwhelm the main image of the stamp.

I first had to decide which embossing powder to use for the image.  I felt that black would be too stark and wanted the cards to be a little softer since the skull is so prominent.  After testing four colors I chose Chestnut embossing powder.  Second I did not like the entire image on the LTC.  With stamping it I either lost part of the crown or part of the words.  Since the skull is the main focus of the stamp (and my favorite part) I decided to drop the words and only focus on the skull.

My next step was to select embellishments, stamps or papers for the background that would convey the theme I was after.  I discovered a store bought stamp of two lovers on my shelf and felt that the image could be interpreted in a variety of ways.  Are they plotting revenge?  Are the secrets they share corrupt?  It’s really up to you to decide.  I stamped it first in black and then in a softer brown and the combination of the two browns worked well.  The store purchased stamp is larger than the LTC so I trimmed it down after stamping it to fit the card.  I wanted a bit of a royalty (riches) feel and added the gems under the skull as the finishing touch.  I often tinker like this as I layout cards and LTC’s.      

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