Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Planting La Lune Letterbox and Dinner at Brickhouse Restaurant

Howling Wolf Carving

Deschutes Land Trust

Dinner at the Brickhouse

On Saturday after we finished our appetizers Anthony and I drove to the Camp Polk Cemetery to plant my La Lune Letterbox.  It was one of those moments where it was just meant to be.  The stamp carving perfectly matches the wooden wolf carving that is sitting at David Goodwin's final resting spot.  Apparently David has very attentive family members and friends as he has this huge burial plot sectioned off complete with personal items, bench, fire pit and even a medicine cabinet.  The box is now planted with his personal items. 

The Camp Polk Cemetery is located four miles northeast of Sisters, Oregon.  It was named after an Army post that was established in October of 1865. Its main purpose  was to be a deterrent to hostile Indians, but it was abandoned in May 1886 after it  proved ineffective.  The first marked grave is July 3, 1880.

There is no order to this cemetery. People have been allowed to just pick a sight and  use it.  There are also a lot of unmarked graves that just have stones or even a  wooden cross. Some have the metal plates like mortuaries use now, but the writing is  all faded and unreadable.  It was honestly the most unorganized cemetery I have ever visited with lots of personal items, oddly shaped plots and a mixture of old and new graves.  Towards the back there are some lovely historical graves which are my favorite to explore.

After our cemetery planting adventure we also discovered that just down the road there is a Camp Polk Meadow - Hindman Springs Day Use Area with walking trails and hiking opportunities.  This land trust preserve features lots of different bird species and wildflowers.

Deschutes Land Trust:

After our exploration we returned to Bend for a delicious dinner just across the street from our Hotel at the Brickhouse Restaurant.  I was still so relaxed from the wonderful day that our dinner choice was the perfect conclusion to our day.

The Brick House Restaurant

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