Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sisters Oregon Hiking and Shibui Spa Spoiling

Saturday we were up and ready to roll around 9:00 a.m.  Anthony surprised me with fresh donuts from Luvs Donuts located next door to The Oxford Hotel.  Their flavor combinations were fun and they were delicious.

Luvs Donuts:

Without telling me where we were headed Anthony drove us to Sisters, Oregon to do a little hiking in the mountains.  We quickly discovered that many of the trails were not accessible due to road closures.  Anthony had his sights set on a three mile loop to a waterfall but alas we could not get to the trail head.  Without any maps or direction at our disposal we just turned down a road in search of hiking opportunities.  We finally just pulled over and picked a road to hike on.  We still had beautiful scenery on our hike and we finally did discover a trail head but only followed it for about 1/4 mile as it had not been maintained and there were a lot of fallen trees blocking the trail.  All and all we hiked almost 5 miles.  On our return trip to the truck we met up with other hikers who were running into the same issues that we had.  We were at least able to point them in the right direction.

After the hike I thought we were on our way to the Three Creeks Brewing Company.  Anthony stopped to pick up a hiking map while I waited in the truck.  When he came back he drove us around the back side of the complex and I spoke up to tell him we were headed the wrong direction.  You know how we wives love to help with directions.  I soon found out that he knew exactly where he was headed.  He said we were getting ready to do more hiking but then shared with me that he would be hiking alone as he was leaving me behind for the next three hours at the Shibui Spa!

As I walked in the doors of the most amazing spa I have ever visited I was too stunned for words. Anthony let me know that I was there to be pampered with their 90 minute Dance of the Desert Signature Treatment and it would be followed up by a 60 minute Thermal Hot Stone Massage.  I started my visit with a soak in the thermal soaking tub and Swedish Sauna.  I have been blessed to visit spa's locally and have really treasured the massages I have received but this spa experience was hands down the most relaxing body treatments I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying.  Anthony joked when he picked me up that it was the most expensive hike he had ever gone on.  Being an overachiever he hiked an additional 7 miles while I had the spa treatment of a life time.  Best surprise hike ever!

Shibui Spa:

Although I was not overly coherent after the treatment we drove back around the building and enjoyed appetizers at Three Creeks Brewing Company.  I was famished and savored every morsel.  Anthony said the beer was not too bad either.

Three Creeks Brewing Company:

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