Friday, May 30, 2014

The High Desert Museum Found 1 Letterbox Out of 3 Attempts

Authentic Stage Coach 

Hall of Plateau Indians

Sunning on the Rocks

Who Are You Looking At?

Empty Bag and No Letterboxing Goodies to be Found

Hello There!  The Otter was Out to Play!

Finally Found a Letterbox!!!

We stumbles upon the High Desert Museum on our way back to Bend totally by accident.  What a lucky discovery.  This is an absolutely beautiful museum (well worth the admission fee).  Filled with 135 forested acres of animals, artful exhibits and meaningful history. Indoor and outdoor exhibits, wildlife presentations and hands-on programs. 

We were a little pressed for time as we had evening plans in mind but we zipped through trying to make the most of our visit.  Naturally I had Box Radar on and was thrilled to see that the Museum had three letterboxes listed.  Unfortunately we were only able to find one of the three still alive.  When we visit the area again I would like to go back to the museum to take my time really soaking in the displays and exhibits, enjoying the presentations and maybe even repopulating the Letterboxes that are available in the museum.

The High Desert Museum: 

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