Friday, May 30, 2014

Lava Lands Visitor Center Letterbox Missing

Our next stop on Sunday after the Lava Tube tour was the Lava Lands Visitor Center about a mile down the road from the Tube.  The Visitor Center features films and exhibits focusing on the geology of the region.  I was able to pick up quite a few interesting post cards and a lovely pair of Obsidian earrings.  You are not allowed to bring home Obsidian souvenirs from the lava flow but if you find jewelry in the gift shop that makes it okay.  Anthony discovered some great hiking maps and books.  One day we will return to camp and put those to good use.  We did not wait to do the tour of the Lava Butte as there was a two hour wait to get a pass to drive up due to limited parking at the top. I was excited to stamp the Lava Lands National Volcanic Monument Regional Stamp in my National Parks Passport book.  My poor passport book has not seen any action since 2007.  Looks like it's time to start planning additional trips to our amazing national parks.

We did however attempt to find a Letterbox that surfaced on Box Radar.  The clues were simple enough but we could not locate the stump as indicated in the clues and there were a lot of people milling around the area.  We finally just checked all the stumps in the general vicinity that the clues indicated just in case but alas we came up empty handed.  I think both the box and maybe the stump are both gone.  It's not uncommon for stumps to erode and eventually disappear.

Newberry National Volcanic Monument:

Lantern Press Postcards:

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