Saturday, May 31, 2014

McMenamins Theater and Pub - Old Saint Francis School

10 Below - Build Your Own Hot Chocolate

10 Below - Bread Pudding

I will admit that I am still totally confused by the movie Noah we saw at McMenamins Theater Sunday night.  It's not like anything I have read in the Bible.  Maybe it's time to consult Pastor John because it was very strange. 

What I was not confused about was the comfortable sofa seating, spirits and delicious food.  We were able to watch the film while enjoying refreshments (including ale) and they brought out our dinner order so we did not miss a minute of the movie.  This theater appears to be a local favorite for families and visitors alike.


We could not leave Bend without finally visiting the Restaurant and Lounge 10 Below that is in the basement of the Oxford Hotel.  We stopped in for evening drinks and dessert.  The sweets were delicious and the service very friendly and quick.  I loved the concept of the build your own hot chocolate.  A great ending to a wonderful day!

10 Below:

Our very last meal in Bend, Oregon was at Café Sintra Monday morning.  They serve Mediterranean breakfast and lunch.  Our breakfast was very filling and flavorful.  I would recommend visiting them for breakfast.  My Chai was so warm and flavorful.  I love hot drinks in large mugs.  With full bellies we hit the road and did not stop for food until we arrived back in Boise.

Café Sintra:


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