Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Down the Rabbit Hole - Paper Mache Mushrooms

One of the really fun elements of our Down the Rabbit Hole decorations turned out to be five whimsical and simply adorable paper mache mushrooms that were created by Pixie Dust Gal (Kelly). I have never worked with paper mache before but Kelly let it slip that she knew how to make them. My only help with the creation of the mushrooms was supplying the newspapers. Kelly created the bases out of chicken wire and cardboard and then added the layers of paper mache to cover the bases and tops. She did an amazing job with the painting and texture of each mushroom. I told Kelly that she better keep the mushrooms in a safe place or I am going to come and get them from her for my craft room because they are too cute for words.

Another paper mache contributor to the decorations was Little Miss Kitty (Kendall). Kendall loaned us her giant paper mache tea pot and stacked tea cups for the event. I did not have a chance to see Kendall’s paper mache projects in production but the end results are amazing. It’s funny to see everyone’s houses filling up with giant paper mache Alice in Wonderland creations.

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