Tuesday, June 24, 2014

McCall Free Range Camping

Sometimes you just need to brave the snow and see what is around the bend.  In this case Anthony and the dogs surveyed our options and determined that we could make it through the snow.  And what was waiting for us around the bend you ask.  An amazing camp site along the river completely away from civilization. 
We found ourselves situated outside the entrance of Grouse Campground.   Grouse Campground is on the shore of Goose Lake and was still closed for the season.  However, this Free Range camping site was sitting there unoccupied and just waiting for our arrival.  Just like our camping expedition the weekend before last we were situated along the river with the sounds of the flowing river keeping us company day and night.  With snow on the ground we anticipated a very cold stay but were pleasantly surprised by the moderate evening temperatures and beautiful 70 degree days. 
Because there was snow on the road it really discouraged others from even checking to see if the campground was open thus we were left in solitude all weekend long.   In addition the road above our site was also snowed in about ¼ mile from our location so travelers that were hoping to access Goose Lake from a higher elevation were forced to turn around and forsake their plans unless they were willing to hike in. 

Raisin and Jay were thrilled with our camp site as once again they were able to be off leash all weekend long.  This camp site outdid our campsite from the previous weekend.  This one will be hard to surpass with the combination of our seclusion, flowing river and complete privacy all weekend long.         

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