Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wild Flowers on Crooked River Trail in Idaho

One of My 4 Letterboxes Still Safe and Sound

On Sunday we were up bright and early for breakfast, tearing down our camp and then stopped for a wonderful hike on Crooked River Trail just outside of Idaho City.  I have four Letterboxes planted on this trail and the trail is in perfect condition for the summer (no snow or mud to contend with).  The trail is a feast for the senses with blooming wildflowers at every turn and the river as your companion for the entire hike.  There is lots of shade and places to stop and picnic or fish.  It just does not get any better than this.  If you live in the area and have not taken advantage of this hike you are really missing out on a sublime nature experience. 

Raisin, Jay and I hiked 6 miles round trip and Anthony added an additional 2 miles to his hike for a total of 8 miles round trip.  I like when I can tuck my hike into his so the dogs and I have a hike that is more moderate.  basically you can hike for as long or short as you like and it is a nice rolling hike without difficult uphill climbing involved.   

Anthony hiked on Saturday about 9 miles at another trail but it was up hill half of the way to a lake and I knew Raisin, Jay and I were not quite up to that challenge yet this summer.  So we took several relaxing strolls, collected firewood, read magazines, snoozed and just enjoyed a glorious day at camp.  It is not often that I am able to indulge and completely relax.  Such a guilty pleasure!

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