Friday, June 27, 2014

Planting and Camping Near Goose Lake in McCall Idaho

One reason we decided to camp in McCall last weekend is that I wanted to plant new Letterboxes in the area for Letterboxing friends of mine.  CookieCutter and GypsyLadybug were very generous in donating 5 stamps to me to give boxers in the area more than just my carvings to find.  I carved and added 4 of my own which made a total of nine boxes.  Although I do have boxes to re-plant in McCall this summer my focus was on new plants for my friends who have already found the other Letterboxes that are here in Boise with me right now.

Anthony went for a long morning hike while I prepared the boxes. Raisin seemed to like sitting under the table while I worked. There was not much room under there but she squeezed in any way.  Jay was always near by too.  The carving was a bit hard as the table seemed to wiggle a bit and I did not have the light that I normally do when I carve at home but I seemed to manage okay anyway.  I brought along logbooks, containers and lots and lots of zip lock plastic bags to prepare the boxes for planting.  It is amazing how much work it is to get Letterboxes ready for the wilds.  No wonder it is so sad when they are taken or go missing.

After Anthony returned to camp we packed up the boxes and headed up the road to plant them along the road around Goose Lake.  Technically the boxes could be drive-by's as they are almost all accessible off the main road.  Due to the snow we hiked three miles in and three miles out to get all 5 planted along the road.  We were actually contending with quite a bit of snow but it was soft and we were able to maneuver by foot (and paw) without any incidents.  If a finder really wanted to enjoy the scenery and have photographic opportunities I would recommend the walk vs. driving from box to box.  Once the snow has cleared it will be an easy stroll.  It was melting very quickly thus snow will not be an issue for much longer.

Although Anthony is a total Noxer he was a great sport both Saturday and Sunday to help me plant the boxes.  And Raisin and Jay are always excited to come along. 


  1. SWEET!!!

    Wish we could see you guys when we are there.
    Yak~King blues

  2. Keep me posted on your firm dates in the area and if I can I will drive out. I still have a whole bunch of re-plants that need attention. Maybe I can even camp again in the area. You just never know. I do expect some smoking hot pictures from that camera of yours from these series by the way! No pressure. HA! HA!


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