Monday, July 28, 2014

Marsh Creek Trail Several Weeks Later

While Anthony hiked with the Idaho Hiking Club on Saturday and Sunday Raisin, Jay and I found our way back to Marsh Creek trail which is just down the road from Lola Creek Campground. This is the same hiking trail we hiked on over the 4th of July weekend. 

It worked out perfectly because Anthony needed the truck and the trail head is very close to the campground. We (Raisin, Jay and I) hiked 6 miles on Saturday and also on Sunday (12 total over the weekend). Anthony's hikes were much longer and more strenuous than ours with 14 miles on Saturday and 10 miles on Sunday.  Did I mention he is addicted to back to back long strenuous hikes?  So far the dogs and I prefer more moderate hikes with the afternoons to rest and relax.  

Wild flowers were still in full bloom and there were also some beautiful birds and wild bunnies too. The dogs scared off the rabbits before I could get a picture. The grasses were very thick and long in some areas along the trail that the dogs almost disappeared from view.
We had perfect hiking weather and a completely deserted trail. On Saturday we crossed paths with a group of six on horse back and on Sunday one couple who was camping right next to us. Aside from that it was a private trail just for the Pei's and I.  They love walking and hiking off leash and we could not have asked for better conditions this past weekend.  It is not often you have a popular hiking trail all to yourself.  We enjoyed peanut butter tortilla rolls and chicken jerky treats back at camp for lunch.

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