Monday, July 28, 2014

Return to Lola Creek Campground

Anthony and I just shared another wonderful camping weekend! We returned to Lola Creek Campground which is about 18 miles west of Stanley. We originally thought we would camp closer to Anthony's hiking trail head (he was signed up for two group hikes this weekend) but when nothing looked appealing and our options dwindled down with the remaining daylight we returned to Lola Creek and not only found half of the campground empty but we also set up in an amazing campsite right along Marsh Creek. 

Driving up after work on Friday it was nice to have a fast set up, simple meal and some very tasty S'more Marshmallows from 240 Sweet. One of the advantages to the campground was our ability to have a camp fire. The other campgrounds (in and around Stanley) we visited had signs up everywhere that campfires were completely prohibited. How can we do meat on a stick and roast our marshmallows without a campfire? I was really thankful that our original plans did not work out as expected.

The other consideration was the fact that Anthony needed the truck on both Saturday and Sunday to get to the trail head.  Staying at Lola Creek Campground gave the dogs and I a very close trail head that we could enjoy while he was hiking longer distances than we are prepared to hike.  The set up worked out perfectly for everyone and we were very fortunate to have quiet camp companions near by.  Our first night was actually very quiet and even Saturday night as the camp sites filled up more we still enjoyed a lot of privacy and quiet neighbors.  So far this camping season we have struck gold with every camping adventure.  One additional bonus was solving the mosquito issue with the dogs.  I got them some spray with citronella oil in it and the mosquitoes completely left them alone all weekend and it smelled really good too in comparison to the Deep Woods Off that we usually douse ourselves in.

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