Saturday, August 23, 2014

First Letterboxing Find in Nevada a Stones Throw From Our Hotel

We started our first full day in Nevada with coffee and breakfast sandwiches from Starbucks (located in the Lobby of our hotel The Nugget).  Then we were out the door and on the trail of adventure.  Our first find of the day was just a stones throw from our hotel.  We figured out the clues (it was a brain teaser), I slipped on my gloves and low and behold we had our first find of the day in Sparks.  It was great to have success right at the start of our day.  Mr. Dally is a "Noxer" and when we are unable to locate Letterboxes he grows frustrated and tired of the hunt very quickly.  Honestly I can't blame him as it is disappointing to have boxes missing.  He was so sweet to drive us around so I could Letterbox today and he even tolerated me taking quite a few pictures (244 to be exact).  This box was located surrounded by quite a slice of history.  Although we were unable to tour the school or train it was still fun to admire the park's history and features from the outside.

I did note at the park that temperatures in Nevada (although moderate and in the 80's) did warm up very quickly today.  I am not complaining but I should have put the sunscreen on much sooner than I did.  My chest is a bit pink from our day running around Letterboxing.  There was absolutely no cloud cover and we were in the sun a significant portion of the day.     

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