Friday, August 22, 2014

Sparks Nevada Arrival at the Nugget

At 3:00 p.m. today we loaded up the truck and hit the road for Sparks, Nevada.  Our actual final destination is Lake Tahoe in a few days to meet up with my parents for a week long visit.  Our drive was pretty uneventful.  I drove for about 6 hours and then Anthony took the wheel and drove the last hour as the sun was setting.  He read most of the way in the truck during the drive which is something I cannot do myself due to motion sickness.  I fiddled around with pictures at one of the rest stops and then shot a few from the passengers seat on our way into town.  I will say that the rest-stops in Nevada leaves something to be desired.  There is no water so the toilets do not flush thus the odor at the rest-stops is really awful.  And there is no way to wash up either.  Time for hand sanitizer. 

Anthony arranged for us to stay at the Nugget Casino and Resort and while he was checking us in I pulled up Box Radar and low and behold the only Letterbox in Sparks is very close to the Nugget.  Imagine that!  The good news is I do have my Letterboxing supplies with me and maybe I can sneak in a box or two during our travels.  I also brought along my carving supplies, magazines, Kindle Fire and Laptop.  How is that for keeping myself entertained during the quiet moments of our trip.  Originally I was not going to bring everything but since we are traveling with the truck and have plenty of room I took advantage and loaded up my Crop in Style black rolling bag for the journey.

After we were situated in our room we returned to the lobby and found ourselves at Gilley's Saloon for a quick nibble.  We decided to share one meal and ordered the beef ribs.  Oh, my heavens I have never seen ribs this giant before and the meat completely fell of the bone.  The waitress shared that they are actually 1/2 of the size of the original servings that they started with when the restaurant first opened.  Between the two of us we could not even finish one plate.  From our table we could see people attempting to ride the mechanical bull.  Neither of us were brave enough or had consumed enough alcohol to be tempted to ride.  Everyone (cowgirls and cowboys) that did get on the bull also ended up on the floor after being thrown off.  Ouch!

Time for a quick rinse in the shower and then off to bed.  I am not sure what adventures are on our agenda for tomorrow but even with the long car ride today it has been a good day all around.

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