Sunday, August 24, 2014

Virginia City Silver Terrace Cemetery Letterboxing

I am afraid that I am a bit of a Historic Cemetery junkie.  It may sound creepy to some but the historic stones and rusted iron work are amazingly beautiful and unique.  The engravings on the stones are often very different from the ones that are produced today.  I am hard pressed to pass up a visit to a historic cemetery and often seek them out when we travel.  Nothing like asking the visitors center where the cemetery is.  Almost without fail I find historic cemeteries to be ghost towns (no pun intended) as they are often desolate and serene.  The cemetery in Virginia City seems to be an exception with a few tourists milling around while we were there.

Anthony knows my affinity for cemeteries and made a special point to take us to Virginia City with our first stop at the Silver Terrace Cemetery.  This is actually a collection of cemeteries dating back to 1867.  This cemetery and the stone work is a feast for the senses.  Although there is no one famous in the cemetery it is full of average working people like miners, shop owners and the hard working individuals and immigrants.  Many of the headstones indicate a persons country and town of origin. 

I really enjoyed strolling through the cemetery and took lots and lots of pictures of the headstones and some of the iron work.  Anthony was busy working the Letterboxing Clues as we were on the hunt for two of the boxes that have been planted there.  We were successful in locating both the Flowers From My Garden:  Strawberry Blossom and Flowers From My Garden:  Lilly of the Valley Letterboxes.

I noted on their information flyer that they are open for walks Halloween Evening for $5.00 per person and they also do Living Tour-Fun Time Theater and even weddings.  It had never occurred to me to book a wedding in a cemetery.  You must obtain a special permit and plan quite a bit in advance but for those who want a very unique wedding this might just be the spot for you. 

Comstock Cemetery:

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