Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bucket of Blood Saloon and Virginia City Sightseeing

The Bucket of Blood  has been serving 'em up since 1876. The building was constructed after the Great Fire of 1875 and sits on the remnants of Boston Saloon and is marked as a National Landmark for this.

Our first stop in town was at the Bucket of Blood Saloon.  We ordered lunch from the Bonanza Cafe and they delivered it to us at the bar.  The saloon is such a fun place to visit with lots of energy and interesting local characters.

Live ragtime and old west saloon music provided by the one and only Squeek Steele.  In 1988 Squeek played her way into the Guinness Book of World Records by performing on the piano one thousand eight hundred and fifty-two (1852) songs from memory in a three week period.  How could we not support this darling of a lady?  We purchased three of her CD's and she was so delighted!

New friends from the Bucket of Blood.  Jerry Jones on my left is a Comstock descendant, author and enthusiast.  He has written several old west novels which can be found on his website at:
Great Basin Brewing Company was at the local street fair.  We discovered that they have a restaurant right by our hotel.
Make a new feathered friend at the street fair.  He is a very famous owl from the Harry Potter movies among others.  We viewed his portfolio and there are pictures of him with just about every celebrity you can think of.  But he whispered to me that I am his favorite.  Check out his amazing eyes!  He only weighs about 5lbs and was so soft to the touch.

Hot Dog stand at the street fair. How cute is that!

Comstock History Center

The history center and museum displays one of the Virginia & Truckee Railroad's original steam locomotives, #18 Dayton. 

Saint Mary's in the Mountains - Catholic Church, Museum and Gift Shop.  Virginia City is home to a number of beautiful churches reflective of the late 19th century culture. One such church is St. Mary in the Mountains Catholic Church, arguably the most prominent historical structure and institution in Virginia City. St. Mary’s in the Mountains Catholic Church, Nevada’s oldest Catholic Church, is open to welcome visitors every day. Having been preserved during and since the Great Fire of 1875, this is the “Mother of all Catholic churches in Nevada.” It was built by the 6’4” “Paddy” Manogue, who ministered to the hard-working Irish-Catholic miners for almost 20 years and then became the first Bishop of Sacramento, California.

Built in the 1880s, Piper’s Opera House attracted famous stars from Europe and the United States and is listed by the League of Historic Theaters. One of the most significant vintage theaters on the West Coast, this stage once welcomed President Grant, Buffalo Bill, Al Jolson and Mark Twain. Today’s guests at Piper’s Opera House can keep their eye out for the ghosts who are said to attend many of the performances. Piper’s Opera House has recently undergone extensive restoration.

Silver State National Peace Officers Museum.  This museum is dedicated to sharing the rich history of law enforcement nationwide. Located in the Storey County Courthouse 1876 jail, the museum boasts the Nevada Peace Officers Memorial Room, a children's interactive room and an old time law enforcement themed photo studio.

Red's is the oldest operating candy factory and mercantile in Nevada, and continues to make a wide variety of fudges, brittles, chocolates and toffees, caramel apples, turtles and specialty hard candies daily.

Quick Letterbox find at Gold Hill

An amazing bracelet from Mr. Dally that we picked out at the Jewelry House on C Street.  The stone is from the White Buffalo Mine which recently closed.

Dinner at Great Basin Brewing Company

We had such a great day visiting Virginia City.  We had not been there in over 10 years.  We made sure to visit a few favorites but also visited places we had never stopped in before.  You could go back again and again to sample different parts of history and honestly you need more than one day to experience Virginia City.

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