Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Disney Halloween - Pumpkin Mickey LTC

I have worked hard to move stamps out of Idaho that I have had on hand from our local events so that they can be enjoyed by boxers all over the country.  One small set of stamps that are with me right now are my Disney Halloween stamps (3 total) from a corn maze event that we hosted in 2010.  They have traveled previously to other states but no one asked to borrow them this year so they are in Boise at the moment.

A tracker was posted for a last minute Halloween LTC exchange called Bloodless Halloween.  I could not resist participating and fortunately I did not need to carve a new stamp to whip these together tonight.  A bit of stamping, some embossing, Copic Marker magic and presto the LTC's are ready to mail tomorrow.  I picked a layout design that did not require any drying time due to the quick turnaround I needed to accomplish.

On a side note Music Chick (Amanda) gave me a wonderful source for Copic Markers and refills.  On Sunday I ordered some refills and 2 new markers and they arrived postage free today.  It can be a crisis when you are working on cards or Letterboxing projects and you have a marker run dry.  I have ordered from Otakufuel 4 times and each time the service has been amazingly quick and my orders have always been accurate.  Music Chick also let me know that Otaku is a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests, commonly the anime and magna fandom.  In modern Japanese slang, the term Otaku is mostly equivalent to "geek" or "nerd".  I am not sure what this says about Amanda and I but it's a great resource if you are a Copic Marker junkie.

Otaku Fuel:  http://www.otakufuel.com/catalog/individual-marker-and-refill-quick-order-forms-3429-1.html


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