Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Hottest Couple in Town LTC - Jack Frost and Elsa

 The Jack Frost and Elsa carving is Larger than the size of an LTC.  
Only part of the original carved image is used for the actual LTC due to the size.

 Stamped and embossed part of the image on the cards using black ink and clear embossing powder.  Layered the paper using a glue stick.

 Added a thick layer of Mod Podge to the background of each card with a small paint brush.

 Dumped chunky snow glitter over the entire card.  Please note that glitter is messy business.  I am covered in it, my craft room is covered, the dogs are glittery too.  Nothing is safe from a glitter storm.
Here is the finished card once dry.  It's hard to see the glitter in the pictures but in person it has the desired glittery snow feeling I was hoping for.  If the glitter texture had been fine it would not have had the look I was hoping for. 

These LTC's are for a Valentines Tracker/Event in Maine.  I wanted a carving that was non traditional but still felt romantic.  I didn't want to use traditional Valentines colors either.  They say that sparks fly when individuals meet and feel a connection.  Well in this case I think snow flurries are swirling! 

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  1. oooh! I love it! I never thought of using mod podget that way. Very cool.


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