Sunday, October 12, 2014

Music Chick's Hunger Games District Seal LTC's

 Panem - Luxury












 Graphite Mining

 Panem - The Capitol

Yesterday at the To Catch a Mockingjay Letterboxing event in Boise, Idaho, Music Chick shared with me many wonderful Letterbox Trading Cards (LTC's).  She has allowed me to share some of her art work previously on my blog and I am honestly in amazement of her creativity and the time she dedicates to creating LTC's.

Music Chick carved Districts 1-7 and WiseOldOwl carved Districts 8-The Capitol.  Once she had all the seals Music Chick created an LTC for each of the Districts adding her own flourish to the Districts to embrace the Districts and the goods or commodities that it provides to the Capitol.  She did such a wonderful job keeping the crispness of the seals as the focus but adding just a bit of detail to enforce the message. 

These LTC's are really a favorite of mine.  Sometimes you don't need fancy embellishments to really make a card pop.  In this case less is definitely more.  Thank you Music Chick for sharing your art with me.  I will treasure these cards always!


  1. You're welcome! I'm glad I found the time to make them!

  2. Even my Noxer husband was impressed with these LTC and carvings from the event!!! Amazing creativity you have my friend! Thank you again for sharing it with me!!!


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